"...the crispness of the Sinfonietta was flawless... its musicians produced their best playing yet." The News Tribune, April 2007

"Superb staging, exquisite blending and sheer fun made this show a Sinfonietta winner." The News Tribune, January 2007

"Hearing a Northwest Sinfonietta concert is like drinking a great young wine: enjoyable, with both tangy notes and occasional flashes of stunning perfection." The News Tribune, October 2006

"Tacoma Opera and the Northwest Sinfonietta kidnapped a rapt audience with an unconventional version of Mozart's 'The Abduction from the Seraglio'." The News Tribune, November 2005

"...Such sublime grace that the audience seemed to lose its collective breath." The News Tribune, April 2004

"Unlike other out-of-town orchestral ensembles that have tried to establish a Seattle presence and failed, the Northwest Sinfonietta has succeeded." The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 2003

"Music Director Christophe Chagnard said he hoped the evening would cure classical music skeptics, and did draw a large, and it seemed, young crowd and elicited a rousing standing ovation." The News Tribune, March 2003

"The smaller size of the orchestra has created a more intimate setting for the performance, giving the audience a sense of greater connection." The Olympian, January 2003

"This season has been a remarkable high with one of the best chamber orchestras currently playing." Tacoma Reporter, March 2003

"Simply exhilarating" The News Tribune, Novermber 2002

"The playing sparkled with exuberance." Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 2002

"The orchestra played with verve and irresistible momentum." The News Tribune, September 2002

"The 12-year-old Northwest Sinfonietta, based in Tacoma under the direction of conductor Christophe Chagnard, has developed into an ensemble that can hold its own among the best classical-music organizations in the Northwest. " The Seattle Times, September 2002

"Anyone interested in classical music should hear this Tacoma gem." The News Tribune, March 2000

One of "the 10 Best in Classical Music for 1999" Seattle Post-Intelligencer, December 1999

"Through this more translucent orchestral sound, the soloist can be heard with startling clarity; it's enough to make you start a campaign for smaller orchestras and smaller houses. " The Seattle Times, November 1999

"If this stunning opener is any indication, the Northwest Sinfonietta is well on the way to becoming regional music royalty itself" The News Tribune, September 1999

"...the sinfonietta's performance was as close to an unqualified success as a first take gets."
The News Tribune, December 1997

"Chagnard...drove his orchestra with almost reckless abandon. The result was spectacular, even heroic." Seattle Post-Intelligencer, November 1998

"Clarity, precision and attention to detail are the hallmarks of the Northwest Sinfonietta performances..." The News Tribune , September 1996